About TC350

TC350 is a northern Michigan chapter of the national climate organization, 350.org. Based in Traverse City, Michigan, we are citizens that are working toward climate change solutions, educating our peers and community about climate change issues, and perhaps most importantly – taking action.

TC350 at the Forward On Climate Rally in Washington, DC

TC350 at the Forward On Climate Rally in Washington, DC

Climate change is the most pressing issue of our time. Excess carbon dioxide in our atmosphere from a combination of burning fossil fuels, agricultural practices, and reducing our planet’s ability to remove that carbon has caused the atmosphere to heat up. Massive, worldwide disturbances are already happening, and they will only get worse unless we act now. Read more about Climate Change.

All of us are concerned for the people and other species on our planet. We’re concerned about our food systems. We’re concerned about our water. And we’re concerned about our children’s futures. We can’t sit idly by and hope for something to happen to curb this threat. We are acting.

Oil & Water Don't MixTC350 is a partner in the Oil & Water Don’t Mix Campaign – to bring public attention to the Enbridge Line 5 pipeline that pushes 22.7 million gallons of oil every day through the Straits of Mackinac. We not only do not want the pipe to spill and spoil the Straits, but we don’t want that oil to be turned into gasoline and burned where it spills carbon into the air every day.

Did you know that when 1 gallon of gasoline is burned, it creates about 20 pounds of CO2, and burning 1 gallon of diesel creates about 22 pounds of CO2.

We are people powered. If you want to help, we’d like to have you. We are starting to build out our website, but we are currently using Facebook as our organizing tool. Please visit our group on Facebook and stay in touch.